About Geely Atlas

Geely Atlas


After changing a generation, the popular SUV from the Middle Kingdom decided to play by premium rules

Remember, in the children's blockbuster "The Adventures of Electronics", the hero of Vladimir Basov could not figure out where the twin robot had a button? During the Geely Atlas Pro test, I found myself in a similar situation: I want to turn on the heated seats, but how to do it is not clear. Whatever he did! I scoured the endless menu, looked for "hidden" keys and even gave voice commands - all by. The thought flashed that there was simply no such function. And then I remembered how, at the presentation of another Chinese crossover, the speaker explained how to quickly get to the desired menu item. To do this, you had to swipe the touchscreen, flipping it like a smartphone screen. "Swipe", excuse the expression, from right to left, and here they are - the desired icons for heating the cushion and back of the front seats.

Generations Y and Z

It turns out that Geely Atlas Pro is addressed to representatives of generations Y and Z - people who have not found a world without the Internet, tablets and smartphones. At the same time, presentable design and solid dimensions indicate that the target audience here is successful people. Accordingly, there is no longer a hint of the budget characteristic of the Geely models of twenty years ago. LED optics hit 200 meters, lights with glamorous creeping lines, the fifth door is equipped with a servo drive, and the front handles are equipped with keyless entry keys. In this case, the doors open at a large angle and slam shut with a thoroughbred sound. One can only complain that they do not cover the thresholds.

In addition, the loading height of the trunk is reduced by 6 cm compared to its predecessor, and when I throw heavy bags from the store, I feel in my lower back how much more comfortable it has become. In this compartment, by the way, now formally 20% more usable space. However, here's the bad luck: the underground has disappeared - all the deep bins have been eaten by the "dock" and ... the 48-volt battery. Yes, the Atlas Pro is a mild hybrid, as evidenced by the EMS lettering on the front doors.

The petrol 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine with 177 hp, familiar from the Geely Coolray and Volvo XC40 models, is assisted here by a starter-generator powered by the same battery pack that unceremoniously occupied part of the trunk. But the "green" part of the drive produces an additional 13 hp and 50 Nm, helping the internal combustion engine during acceleration and in fuel economy.

Feng Shui

In the cabin, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that you are driving in a premium-segment car, the materials are so solid (mostly eco-leather and soft plastic), the panels are meticulously fitted and the virtual toolbox is solid. For example, a 12.3-inch tidy gives a picture of a circular view system with the highest detail. You can select a 3D mode and rotate the animated car in a real location. Say - a toy? If so, it is very useful, especially when squeezing into a narrow gap in the parking lot.