The Traveller already had a good chance of becoming a versatile vehicle for a large family. But the engineers of the French company "Danzhel" added trump cards to him, providing all-wheel drive.

Dry numbers promised me an extra 25 mm of ground clearance - due to the spacers located between the body and the subframe, the vehicle's clearance was increased to an impressive 200 mm. And looking under the Peugeot's belly, I found steel protection sheets that securely cover the engine crankcase, the box with the transfer case and the rear axle. So you don't have to worry about the fate of the off-road units.


And I gladly went to knead the dirt, that is, to pamper my family with barbecue in the near Moscow region. You just wonder how easily my "Peugeot" overcame the dirty mess, which was turned into a forest clearing by fans of off-road pokatushek! In 4WD mode, viscous clutch, working in conjunction with the stabilization system ESC and traction control ASR. Constantly monitors wheel slip and distributes torque as quickly and correctly as possible to the wheel that has maximum grip. Even long fun "donuts" on the muddy field could not affect the work of the all-wheel drive. And no matter how hard I tried to find the limit for Peugeot, I could not do it in those conditions.


Here is the power of time-proven technology! The fact is that the all-wheel drive transmission for the "Traveller" was developed by the specialists of the Dangel company, which has been working with Peugeot for several decades. The viscous coupling that the Traveler is equipped with has been proven by time and millions of kilometers of testing. On the technical side, such a scheme compares favorably with modern all-wheel drive systems. She cannot overheat, leaving the car front-wheel drive at the most inopportune moment. It is easy to operate, and a minimum of electronics means maximum reliability.


Under normal conditions, the presence of all-wheel drive does not affect the behavior of the car in any way. The roll and swing inherent in a car with a high center of gravity, of course, are present, but do not cause irritation. Perhaps only the toothed BF Goodrich tires made noise during acceleration and at speeds over 100 km / h. A comfortable driver's seat, well-calculated ergonomics allowed me to overcome hundreds of kilometers around the city without any signs of fatigue and back pain.

And how happy my household was! This car is not just a salon - a salon! Compared to the spouse's pipette hatch, in which the children feel like herrings in a bank, they were ready to live in a Peugeot. They did not climb into the "Traveller", did not enter, but ran and ran out, as they say, with a whistle. In addition, the trunk here is such that there has never been a dilemma - we take a stroller or a bicycle. Both, plus a basket, a picture, a cardboard box and a little dog. More precisely, in our case, the cat. Is that the spare wheel in the all-wheel drive version migrated from under the rear overhang to the trunk, somewhat reducing the giant bins.

"Traveller 4x4" is half a million more expensive than front-wheel drive