Last year, Moscow topped the rating of the world's most congestion cities. But if you ask me where the most unbearable traffic jams in Russia are, I will answer without hesitation: in Krasnodar. For more than an hour we have been trudging through the city center, pushing in front of every traffic light for twenty minutes, and there is no end in sight.

In such a stuffy traffic jam, anyone's nerves will be shattered, but I am especially unbearable because I found myself here at the wheel of the updated Genesis G70 in the most charged Ultimate version. Previously, such a version was not presented on our market, but now this is the crown of the entire range of G70 modifications. Under the hood of such a sedan, a 3.3-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 370 horsepower with a maximum torque of 510 Nm was registered, and a limited-slip differential is installed on the rear axle. Moreover, the car can be either all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.


Finally, we break out of the traffic, and it becomes possible to press the gas to the floor. A moment of thought - and Genesis, slightly "squatting" on the rear axle, shoots forward. A lump does not rise to the throat, but the body abruptly presses into a perfectly shaped chair, and the uterine baritone of the motor is amplified by an artificial symposium through the speakers of the Lexicon audio system. In short, the overclocking is very effective. But the acceleration itself, although fast, is still linear. It does not have the nervousness of "three-ruble" BMWs from M Performance or "a-em-gash" C-class with an index of 43. But even to call it completely impassive, like, for example, Audi S4, also does not turn the tongue. Still, the G70 has its own charisma and its own, unlike others, temper.

The car does not allow to flirt with it even in the sport settings of mechatronics, but it has a pronounced rear-wheel drive character. And it's not that Genesis likes to wag its tail: the stabilization system is very strictly tuned and dampens the slightest slip in the bud, even in Sport + mode. However, the way the G70 handles corners certainly gives it a driver's car with a classic layout.


Genesis easily and willingly dives into corners. And even the front axle loaded with a heavy engine does not show a tendency to drift and does not try to crawl out of the corner. On the contrary, the car for the most part always travels with a little oversteer and is very easily controlled by the "gas". So if you go too fast and lose control when entering the next corner, then most likely you will have to catch the rear axle. If you do not drive in extreme modes, then the car has a very pliable and obedient character. Yes, the steering wheel is slightly overloaded with artificial force (especially in sports settings), and sometimes it lacks information content, but on a bad road on the steering wheel there is no itching typical for driver's sedans.

However, the Genesis has exactly the same dislike of the rut as any other model in this class. At high speed, every now and then you have to steer if the car gets into the grooves rolled out by trucks on the asphalt. The G70 is also quite tough, especially on large wheels. Small ripples and cracks in the suspension of the car work out with a shudder. Even in the most comfortable adaptive chassis settings.