Listen, to hell with that! There is no more strength to lament over shortages, price hikes and rabid dealers. Let's talk about the weather better. After all, what a gorgeous summer it was - sultry, frying to a crisp, but cooling down in time with tropical showers. No Vietnam needed! And this splendid autumn? When was the last time you could enjoy a riot of colors for a month in a row, almost without squishing your shoes? So our heroes match the setting - bright, elegant, joyful. So let's dispense with the boring comparison of price lists (all the same, they turned into a scribble) and just try to have fun.

And what? Let the Kia Seltos and Volkswagen Taos belong to the world's most boring class of semi-budget compact crossovers, buyers have something to live with. And, probably, longer than planned. And they were conceived not as utilitarian as the real cretoid and duster-like ones: I remember well. How the same "Seltos" impressed with nice design tricks like the LED bridge on the nose and the textured edging of the radiator grill on the premiere test. And the equipment? Panoramic roof, head-up display, seat ventilation - have you seen it?


Then it seemed that the Koreans had uncovered a gigantic mortar and were preparing to jump out of it so that it would be good or nothing to talk about competitors. But the scenario turned out to be the same as with the ambitious Renault Arkana: the customers did not buy into the design, but they tensed at the sight of turbo engines, variators and other "dubious" equipment. As a result, both crossovers vegetate on the margins of the top 25 Russian sales, and the same people rule the show.

Although I would have met with pleasure on the roads the predatory complex physiognomy of "Seltos" more often than the grimace of the new "Crete". And the decision with the same LED strip turned out to be prophetic - exactly the same one now flaunts on the nose of the Taos. It's also a designer car when compared to the original discouragement called Skoda Karoq. Spectacular "fangs" in the front bumper, an impractical but cool glossy insert in the middle, embossed lining on the bottom of the doors - and the truth is much more fun. Or is it all about the red color?


Orange mood

By the way, it can be ordered for any configuration, including the basic Respect. But the orange salon is the prerogative of only the version with the self-explanatory name Joy, and if I happened to choose Taos for purchase, I would take only this one. Colored inserts radically transform the nondescript interior, which is otherwise very close to the pre-styling Tiguan: the same classic controls, not affected by sensory fever. The same benchmark ergonomics - before us is almost the last Volkswagen, to which these words hacked for decades are applicable.

Things to know (Q&A)

What does the VW Taos compare to?

In terms of size, the Taos' exterior dimensions are similar to the Kia Seltos and Subaru Crosstrek , slotting it on the larger side of its segment. Compared to the Tiguan, the Taos is 9.3 inches shorter in length. At least for now, S, SE, and SEL trims will be offered, with standard FWD and available AWD.

What is the VW Taos replacing?

The Taos is VW's all-new entry-level compact crossover model for 2022, which slots in below the Tiguan. It's a de facto replacement for the Volkswagen Golf , which won't arrive stateside in base form. ... VW took design cues from the Atlas, and the Taos emerges from the same mindse

What platform is the VW Taos built on?


The Volkswagen Taos is a compact crossover SUV produced by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen.
Volkswagen Taos.

Volkswagen Taos/Tharu
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive Front-engine, all-wheel-drive
Platform Volkswagen Group MQB A1
Related SEAT Ateca Škoda Karoq Jetta VS5

What colors will VW Taos come in?

List of Volkswagen Taos Exterior Colors

  • Dusk Blue Metallic.
  • Platinum Gray Metallic.
  • Pyrite Silver Metallic.
  • Deep Black Pearl.
  • Pure White.
  • Kings Red Metallic.
  • Cornflower Blue.
  • Pure Gray.

Is Taos bigger than Tiguan?

The Taos is a new entry and VW's smallest crossover. Although its design apes the look of the big-boy Atlas, the Taos is nearly a foot shorter than a Tiguan .

What does VW Taos mean?

The Volkswagen Taos is a compact crossover SUV produced by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. It was first released in October 2018 as the Volkswagen Tharu in China, while a restyled version of the Tharu was released as the Taos since October 2020 for the North American, South American, and Russian markets.

Where is the VW Taos made?

Puebla, Mexico — Volkswagen de México began the production of its Taos model for exportation markets this week, with the United States being the first foreign destination for this new compact SUV. The German carmaker has produced more than 4,300 units of Taos to date for the Mexican market.

When can I buy a VW Taos?

The Taos is brand new for the 2022 model year, on sale only since June . The FWD Taos has reportedly not suffered from the sudden shutoff problem, and dealers will still sell you one.