The length of the sedan is 5350 mm, the width and height are 2000 and 1390 mm, the wheelbase reaches 3190 mm. The 23-inch six-spoke wheels pay tribute to the 1991 Audi Avus Quattro concept, but re-interpreted the twin spokes instead of the wide spokes, hinting at the lightness of the design.

Audi has unveiled the second concept from the line of "spheres" - the electric sedan Grandsphere. The Giant with Level 4 autonomy offers a convertible cabin in which, in autopilot mode, not only the steering wheel, tidy and pedals are not visible, but even traditional screens. The interior is the heart of the concept, the developers emphasize. But in appearance there are many interesting things.

#lighting engineering. The honeycomb of the radiator grille is covered with glass and is illuminated from the depths. The headlights and lanterns received a new light signature: their blocks are like enlarged lower fragments of the crossed four rings of the brand's emblem.

The concept is longer than the Audi A8 sedan in its long wheelbase version (5302 mm). The company hints at stylistic solutions and some technologies that the Ingolstadt flagship will have in the future. The car can not only autonomously park, deliver passengers to specified points, but also drive independently to charge. Audi promises to introduce such an autopilot into series in the second half of the decade.

#2017 Audi Aicon. Other features of the concept: active air suspension with aluminum levers (front five-link, rear multi-link), controlled rear axle.

After the convertible Audi Skysphere roadster, hidden controls could be expected. But in Grandsphere, the idea was developed. Even the chain of front screens is invisible until needed. And when active, they display images projected directly onto the wood front panel. Underneath is a touch-sensitive surface for quick content switching. In general, wood, wool, textiles and metal are used in the decoration, but not leather (for the sake of ecology). Hornbeam veneer is made from wood that has been specially grown or recycled.


The developers thought about what the passengers will be doing on the way: there is streaming video and music, tips for developing a route. "Audi will keep the individual and exclusive options available in the future - concerts, cultural and sporting events to which customers are invited." There is a cinema and video conferencing mode. In addition, the multimedia functions can be activated via the touch surfaces in the door armrests. The doors contain virtual reality glasses for use in conjunction with the holoride interactive gaming platform.



The Grandsphere concept is evolving from a car into an “experience device,” as the company explains the main idea behind the project. However, the electric drive is also noteworthy here. The Grandsphere electric car uses the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform. One electric motor is installed at the front and rear with a total output of 530 kW (720 hp) and 960 N • m. They accelerate such a large car from zero to 100 km / h in a little over four seconds. The traction battery under the floor has a capacity of about 120 kWh (the Skysphere had only 80). It is enough for a cruising range of more than 750 km. The public premiere of the Grandsphere sedan will take place next week at the IAA Mobility in Munich.