So far, the B70 on the new FMA platform has been blown away for the entire B-series alone. Dimensions: 4810 × 1840 × 1455 mm, wheelbase - 2800. It seems that the third generation will not be able to repeat the success of the first (2006–2014). Then the B70 index belonged to the sedan, and sales reached 69,944 units per year.

Sales of the five-door FAW Bestune B70 began in China on November 28, 2020 with only one 1.5 petrol turbo four (169 hp, 258 N • m) with a 7DCT "robot". The new 40TD modification will appear on the market at the end of October and will bring a 2.0 turbo engine (224 hp, 340 N • m), which is paired with an eight-speed automatic in the Bestune T99 SUV. Now the liftback will be able to change a hundred in 7.8 seconds (the dynamics were not advertised before). The maximum speed increased to 230 km / h (+30). Consumption increased from 6.1–6.4 to 7 l / 100 km (NEDC).


The price range of 99,900-139,900 yuan (1.11-1.55 million rubles) attracted few - 14,721 units were sold in the first nine months of 2021. The 2.0 version will be significantly more expensive, because the T99 is just "beginning" with 134 900. Note that the sub-brand Bestune (aka Besturn, Bestern, Benteng, Pentium) celebrated its 15th anniversary in May. The B70 jubilee special edition received a badge with the words "15th since 2006" on the wings and a price tag of 121,900 yuan (1.35 million). Meanwhile, the start of Russian sales of the FAW Bestune T77 compact has been postponed to November-December.