Sonet for Indonesia has a number of differences from the original Indian. In particular, it is 125 mm longer (4120) with a similar wheelbase (2500 mm). He has his own bumper design. The three-row option does not stand out externally, therefore, hints are used in the advertisement.

Indonesian Kia Sonet today got a new version of Sonet 7 with the third row of seats in the trunk (392 liters). The two-seater sofa can be folded manually, but quickly and in two ways. Firstly, you can simply level the backrest with the floor of the cargo compartment. Secondly, the whole structure takes a vertical position, leaning against the second row. Colleagues showed how it works in a video (from 2:08).


Sonet 7 is available in five trim levels at prices of 199.5-296 million rupees (1.03-1.56 million rubles). The standard five-seater variation costs almost the same - from 193 to 289 million (1.01-1.52 million). In any case, under the hood there will be a petrol aspirated 1.5 (115 hp, 144 N • m), coupled with a six-speed "mechanics" or a variator with front-wheel drive. Note that thanks to Sonnet and Seltos, KIA sales in Indonesia have grown exponentially: in February, an increase of 187.5% was recorded, and the brand entered the top 10.